the ‘gap’ is your business sweet-spot

identifying insights, contradictions, shared goals and desires to create a unique and consistent brand point of view that answers human, client and internal teams needs and wants to drive meaningful growth

LDN’s mind the gap methodology interrogates the intersection of three major spheres of effect influencing the human experience in relation to your business

business (your world)

we work with stakeholders across the business, delve into the business you believe you are in, and the business you want to be

human (real world)

we interview the real humans that interact with your business to find out what’s really going on for them, and how you might gain permission to feature in their busy lives

environment (big wide world)

we pull on macro cultural and economic trends to provide context but also identify any future hurdles and opportunities

we identify the insights at the intersection of each element (the 'gap') and use this to build out a complete experience design across key elements from product development to brand design, and beyond

open up exponential growth opportunities for your business via a clear hx roadmap that delivers a compelling and consistent reason to believe (and buy!)

create meaningful growth that extends beyond the balance sheet