creating real behavioural change in the fitness industry

Leveraging insights from the world’s best athletes and mentors, UAre are a next-generation health tech company that improves the way people move, build support networks, develop positive sentiment, and adopt healthy habits

Validate product market

Supported capital raise

Prototyped IMVP™ (Investor MVP)

Created product design

Supported agile development and App launch

Developed brand value proposition

“Studio LDN and their team have been key in the early stages of UAre. They helped us transform our concept into a beautiful first version of our app. I can’t stress enough how challenging the initial briefing we presented was, and how quickly the team at Studio LDN understood what we were trying to achieve. We are very happy to call Studio LDN our UX partners and hope to work together for many years to come.”
Marc Pasques
Co Founder

the situation

UAre approached Studio LDN in the capital raise stages to support the research and development of the first iteration of their product to help validate their idea, lower risk and get the ball rolling. The business was already backed by some great market research, insights and some big players in the fitness space.

We conducted a series of workshops with key stakeholders to understand and define the business purpose, aspirations and goals. By getting a real understanding of the audience, their pain points and market fit, we were able to create a plan of action to help support the development of the first iteration of UAre, and subsequent phases on the roadmap.

"The UAre mission is to support users to live a healthier, happier, longer life, just by moving"

the process

Building on an IMVP™

We set about making the idea a reality by building the first IMVP™ in this space. This created a vehicle to support investment by presenting the business in a clickable prototype to fast track investment by showing what the product actually does.

This began the process of building out a test and learn framework to gather early feedback from investors. This also allowed us to help present the business to other athletes in the industry and begin developing a space where mentors and partners can contribute to the product. Ultimately, the IMVP™ was the birth of UAre and helped get the ball rolling, in a very competitive space.

Understanding customer needs

We began developing a personalised onboarding process that not only tried to understand user goals but also match them up with their tribe. By building a support network from day one, we were able to collect enough fitness and personal data to customise each users journey and experience with UAre. The key to this success was developed by creating a unique score that would categorise users by fitness level, and support level. Onboarding early adopters was going to be a key factor in the success of the product.

Early on we understood that the experience had two purposes, one for the user and one for the mentors and support network. For the user to increase their UAre score they would require access to custom fitness advice and tips across different activities. The mentorship would become a key component to the overall success for the user, developing a library of helpful resources, events and advice that help the everyday people achieve their fitness goals.

Supporting a scalable business model

We began developing a scalable design system that would support future updates and iterations. Being in the startup space, UAre needed the tools to set them up for success. Every decision made was backed by the question “Can we use this to learn from customers and build a better experience?”

Product design to scale

Once we had the green light to go ahead (post validation stages) we jumped into a sprint-based format which allowed us to build and test features. We build out all customer flows for the onboarding process across multiple wearables, designed feedback loops to reinforce positive progression and created a support system allowing mentors and users to connect.

By building out design systems that enable quick scale for new features, user flows and updates we are enabled to simply adapt the experience as customers needs change.

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