an identity and website to launch a local sunscreen

Born and raised in Manly, Beachfox is a new sunscreen brand with a mission to make sun safety a priority by introducing a more conscious brand for young Australians

Launched a new sunscreen to the Australian market

Developed brand value proposition

Created personas for marketing campaign 

Created and tested brand identity

Built e-commerce website

Creation of social assets 

“Working with Studio LDN has been an amazing experience primarily due to the fact it genuinely feels like a partnership.”​
Robbie Wood
Co Founder

the situation

Beachfox was a start-up business with an ambition to launch a new sunscreen appealing to millennials and shake up a somewhat tired category. LDN were engaged to help translate this ambition into a brand identity, sunscreen product range and eCommerce experience.

5% sales growth in the first year

the process

In order to create a desirable brand and digital experience, we needed to better understand what would resonate with customers in the sunscreen category. At the time of launch customers didn’t usual purchase sunscreen online, so we needed to create a strong impression of what the products were like – digitally. This is where the use of colour really helped drive a sense of scent, better enabling the eCommerce experience to convert consideration into purchase.

We tested three brand concepts that helped guide the final design approach. Photography was commissioned through a local photographer who captured images with a quintessential Australian summer feel. Peppered throughout the user interface, they perfectly complimented the brand and product range.

Customer testing guided the design approach to feel minimalist and modern. Feedback also favoured a simple use of colour to help differentiate between different products and scents.

Taking cues from a variety of products in different categories, the packaging was designed to feel stylish and desirable. We wanted customers to view the products as fashion accessories as well as a sun care necessity. Colour gave an immediate impression of an individual scent without having to open a bottle.

The eCommerce user experience was designed to hero the products and their associated scents, the biggest point-of-difference for the Beachfox brand. It was also important to quickly reveal other product features that customers valued – style, quality, skin friendly, sunsafe and ethically sourced. A lifestyle blog was created to expand SEO capabilities and to integrate products into authentic narratives about Australian beach living. 

We built an environment where we can test, learn and adapt, we ensured that all usability testing was listened to and implemented.