A marketing platform to empower merchants to make better decisions.


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Mastercard merchants we’re confused and unsure of the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts, using platforms like Facebook and Google. LDN were engaged by Mastercards creative agency to support and discover new opportunities to create better digital marketing experiences for merchants.

Help merchants feel in control by accessing customer transaction insights.

Through an analysis of Mastercards existing research, documents and customer surveys, we were able to hypothesise what was missing from the current digital marketing experiences. We discovered that they lacked any real understanding of the impact of their digital marketing efforts. They wanted deeper insight to validate their ROI.

Understanding transaction data.

Using the foundation of anonymous customer transaction data, we designed an experience that allowed merchants to explore and compare what their customers were spending their money on – with their business, and similar businesses. This facilitated the discovery of spend insight, giving merchants the ability to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Intuitive and easy to use.

First time users are empowered to get a campaign up and running in no time. By creating an easy to learn process and intuitive experience, our design interface was created to lessen the learning curve, helping repeat visitors to come back time and time again.

Fast, iterative user testing frameworks.

During the UX and UI design process, light user testing was conducted to check in on the experience, ensuring it stayed laser focused to meet the needs of merchants.