FlexiRoam Partners with Specialist Agencies to Launch "Ready For Anything" Global Campaign

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Listed Travel Tech company FlexiRoam (ASX: FRX) launched on 1 May an international campaign promoting effortless connectivity while you travel called “Ready for Anything”. 

FlexiRoam provides low-cost international roaming, making it more affordable than ever and has partnered with three Australian specialist agencies to bring this to life.

StudioLDN has been commissioned to bring to life a new website and app for FlexiRoam, Bench Media has been commissioned to run media campaigns globally including search, social, display and video and Momentum has been engaged to work on branding, strategy and creative content including campaign concepts.

The three agencies have been working in partnership to raise awareness for FlexiRoam, staying top of mind for those planning a trip overseas and looking for an alternative to the incumbent telcos’ high roaming costs.

“We found that just like simplifying the complexity of international roaming, it was necessary to create an app and website for FlexiRoam with a simplified user experience. They aim to empower the millions of people seeking seamless connectivity during their travels, free from the guesswork and risk associated with major telco providers,” added James Sutton, director & founder at Studio LDN.
“Global Roaming is a sore point with consumers which are having to be “on guard” while travelling and roaming with their local telco. We’ve been working closely with the team at FlexiRoam to take the message to travellers that there is a better way to stay connected when travelling internationally. This has required some innovative strategies on the media side to effectively reach a wide and diverse global audience across almost 200 countries,” commented Shai Luft, COO and co-founder at Bench Media.

The media campaign has so far resulted in over 1 million people installing the FlexiRoam app and acquisition costs improving month on month.

“We wanted to bring to life that overseas travel should be about having incredible experiences and the last thing you need tying you down or restricting you is mobile roaming cost. We identified that ‘flexible travel’ is a key trend global travellers are really embracing, people want to make the most of every spontaneous moment. We have captured this by creating pacey, immersive content that captures those memorable moments that happen when you embrace adventure, food experiences and of course the unexpected spontaneous,” said Dave Clough, creative director at Momentum.
“It was great to be guided by experts in their respective fields and for them to work as an integrated team with our own marketing Group. It was a critical component that contributed to the campaign’s success. Roaming costs are still expensive and dominated by the incumbent telcos and our services bring real competition to this market. Our partnership with Bench, Studio LDN and Momentum has seen these three agencies work as a natural extension of our marketing team to bring to life the Ready for Anything concept,” said Steve Picton, CEO of FlexiRoam.
“Travel should be about exploring and experiencing new adventures without being worried about huge bills when you get back home. It’s a very exciting time for FlexiRoam to be leading with this message to everyone that is planning an overseas trip. FlexiRoam recognises that Marketing is our absolute priority and having built an internal team in Australia we will still be relying on our agency partners to deliver the industry leading results and make FlexiRoam the global leader in the Travel Roaming eSIM market with annual growth exceeding 75%,” continued Picton.


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