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QBE were seeing a decline in insurance policy sales and low conversions from their online insurance quote experience. LDN were engaged to help discover why customers were dropping off and to design a better performing digital experience across multiple insurance products.

We embedded a UX Lead, UI Lead and copywriter inside QBE's digital team​


500% increase in conversion rates in the first 6 months.



Through extensive stakeholder interviews, customer interviews and call-centre shadowing, research investigated what factors made buying insurance a challenge. It was discovered that customers found QBE insurance jargon confusing and that there was a distinct lack of trust in their online insurance quote process. Customers were looking for more transparency in pricing and product.


Evoke a feeling of trust in the QBE brand and product pricing.


ux design

Simplifying the experience.

The design solution dramatically simplified the current experience and also introduced more transparency in quoting with clearer breakdowns in price and product features. Working closely with the QBE product and legal teams, we helped reduce the number of questions asked during the quote process from 18 to 10 – helping save customers time.



Appearing friendly and trustworthy.

To build trust in customers as they navigated the insurance quote process, we maintained a very clean and spacious design approach. Colour was used sparingly to accent key information, such as price, allowing customers to easily understand what they were about to purchase.


Direct marketing

Re-inventing customer communications.

The online insurance quote and purchase experience also involved sending customers emails with important legal documents attached. We adopted the same experience strategy to evoke a feeling of trust in the products they were purchasing by providing simple and transparent information.


Customer testing

Further optimisation.

During the UX and UI design stages, customer testing revealed a consistent need to optimise the online quote experience for simplicity and speed. So we looked for new ways to minimise the insurance jargon, reduce the numbers of questions asked and remove any UI components that were not facilitating faster completion. Customer documents and emails were also tested and optimised for simplicity.



Multiple products, rapid development.

The UI evolution also fed into the creation of a broader Design System. UI components and design rules were consolidated into a shared library enabling rapid development of new screens, expansion of the experience across multiple insurance products and a consistent experience to be maintained.


User interface is like a joke.
If you have to explain it, it's not very good.

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