Founded in 2018, we're a modern experience design consultancy obsessed with understanding and improving the way humans interact with their digital world.


our purpose

In this age of disruptive technology and rapid cultural change, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to create and maintain meaningful connections between their customers and their products and services. In order to deliver true value, businesses need to constantly understand and adapt to their customers’ world and design experiences for them that connect on an emotional level.

We believe better business outcomes come from creating better connections with your customers.


We first fall in love with the problem, then the solution.


We love asking 'why?' It challenges our thinking.

We never create things that your customers don't need.


We're lean, adaptable and can scale quickly.

Our Team

LDN is the combination of researchers, UX designers, product designers and strategic thinkers that have joined forces to deliver customer experiences that make a difference. 

James Sutton

James Sutton

Design Director / FOUNDER

After working for over a decade in creative agencies, fast-paced start-ups and large enterprises across London and Sydney,  James decided it was time to take all that he had learnt to create a true CX focused agency based on a more tailored and personal experience for clients big and small. By taking out all of the unnecessary processes, bloated budgets and time wasted, he began LDN on the basis of true collaboration, partnerships and most of all no nonsense.

“By removing all the things that don’t work at an agency and adding in ambitious, fresh thinking people, we can achieve much more in a much shorter timescale. We need to be agile, flexible and scalable at short notice, especially in the current climate. Above all, we need to be accountable and deliver on our promises to clients”.

Katie Fleet

Katie Fleet

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Katie is responsible for growing trusted client relationships, creating high-impact strategic content and maintaining client profitability.

Victoria Luke

Victoria Luke


Victoria has developed excellent relationship management skills, with a strong focus on communication, engagement, organisation and ensuring project delivery. 


Ben De Mot

Ben De Mot

Senior UX Designer

Ben has led many product teams to create real human centered design outcomes. He ensures that all projects have the right workshop facilitation, design management and leadership.

Kristina Hedberg

Kristina Hedberg


Currently in her third and final year of a Bachelor of Design Computing at the University of Sydney.

Kristina is learning the ropes with us and is focused on UX design, UI design, information visualisation and interactive product design.


LDN Collective.


We work with a diverse, hand-picked group of researchers, UX/UI designers, art directors and copywriters – engaged on flexible terms to service a variety of business and project needs.



“It’s always a pleasure working with the guys at LDN. They’re genuinely wonderful people to work with who are extremely good at what they do.”



“The team at LDN are great leaders. Working with them has expanded my knowledge and skillset in UX.”

Partner Network.

We leverage strategic alignments with brand, technology and marketing partners to extend our firepower and help businesses address challenges across all customer touchpoints.

User interface is like a joke.
If you have to explain it, it's not very good.

We’d love to learn more about your business, your customers and discuss ways in which we can help.